Big increase in Swiss arms exports for 2019

Swiss firms exported more weapons last year than the previous year, three-quarters of them to other European countries. Swiss manufacturers delivered weapons to a value of CHF728 million ($759.9 million) to 71 countries in 2019, the State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO) said on Tuesday. The figure is CHF218.1 million higher than in 2018, making a 43% increase. Denmark was the biggest client, buying weapons to a value of CHF155.3 million. Most of this (CHF150 million) was a delivery of armoured vehicles. Germany was the second-biggest buyer (CHF125.8 million), then Romania (CHF111.8 million), Bangladesh (CHF55.2 million), and the United States (CHF38.5 million). Armoured vehicles were the most popular purchase, followed by ammunition and parts, fire-control systems, guns, and fighter jet parts. On Tuesday, the Group for a Switzerland without an Army, an NGO that aims to abolish the Swiss army, criticised the continued Swiss arms exports to countries where “human rights ...

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