For sale: Rustic cottage with lake view. Price: CHF1

Nine stone cottages have gone on the market in Italian-speaking Switzerland at CHF1 ($1.01) each – on condition that the buyers do them up. The municipality of Gambarogno thus aims to regenerate and develop the mountain region of Sciaga.  Mount Sciaga is a mountain pasture belonging to the hamlet of Indemini, one of the most remote inhabited areas in the southern canton of Ticino. Indemini is located in a valley, Val Veddasca, that is almost entirely Italian territory, but it is Swiss and some 18 kilometres of winding curves and a mountain pass from Gambarogno, to which it has belonged since a merging of municipalities in 2010.  The typical stone buildings make up the historic centre of Indemini as well as Mount Sciaga on the opposite side of the valley. From a distance, with its well-maintained pastures, Indemini doesn’t look as though it’s dropped off the radar. But once you cross the Giona stream and climb the rough path, you notice that the houses are partially in ruins. ...

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