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Iran and its Proxies--A Growing Security Threat in Latin America

One year ago this month, the Committee on Homeland Security of the U.S. House of Representatives issued a report on countering crime, violence, and terror at the Southwest border. While the report focused heavily on the Central American gangs, particularly troubling is the section devoted to the growing influence of Iran and its radical Muslim cronies (especially Hezbollah) in the Western Hemisphere. It has been nearly two decades since the deadly bombings of the Israeli Embassy and Jewish Community Center in Buenos Aires, orchestrated by Hezbollah and Iran; and since that time the forces of radical Islam have ramped up their activity. Only two years ago, a Muslim radical who made his way from his home in Tunisia to Mexico, via Central America, and was in the process of being smuggled in a trunk across the border from Tijuana to San Diego. And only two months ago the media broke a story on Iran’s recruiting of an “invisible army” of revolutionary sympathizers in Latin America to inf...

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