Sport generates billions for Swiss economy, study finds

Sports-related activities are worth CHF22.2 billion ($22.8 billion) a year to the Swiss economy, a national report has revealed.  Overall, sport accounts for 1.7% of Swiss gross domestic product (GDP), according to a report by the Federal Office of Sport released on Tuesday which uses 2017 figures. This is comparable to the machine tools or metal products sectors. Switzerland’s sports sector employs 97,900 people (full-time positions), or 2.4% of all jobs in the country. Since 2005, turnover in the sports sector has increased by 41%, the report said. Some 11,000 jobs were created over a 12-year period.  Sports facilities generated the biggest added value (23%) to the economy, followed by individual clubs and federations (19%) and sports tourism (18%). Sports-related services have also expanded since 2005 from 8% to 11% of annual turnover. The growth is partly due to major international sports competitions organised in Switzerland, such as the European Athletics ...

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