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Volunteers invest effort and money in a Swiss farming initiative near Bern with the aim of showing solidarity with like-minded people and harvesting top-quality organic vegetables. “You’ve raised false expectations!” says a middle-aged man after swissinfo.ch approaches the chicken enclosure with a camera, increasing the cackling by several decibels. “The chickens think you’re going to feed them.”  Around 40 solidarity farms Swiss agriculture is under pressure. The pricing policy of large distributors and importers is forcing farmers to get more and more out of their land. Some farmers want to escape this trend.  According to the Cooperation Centre for Solidarity in Agriculture, there are around 40 farms in Switzerland that involve consumers in the farm work. One of the aims of their initiatives is to promote understanding and appreciation of farm work.  Christoph Schüep’s day job is that of a food industry biologist, but on the Radiesli farm, which means “radish”, he’s one of ...

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